Pronunciation: zur-nin

Continent: Vallinde

A large, heavily industrial city on the side of a hill Xernon has its roots in mining with administrative (and economic) access to the surrounding mines to this day. The city is walled, but only encompasses a portion of the city, before stopping as it converges into the hillside. As a large city Xernon has access to a Vallinese train station.

The air is much more polluted here from the intensity of industry, evident from the tall smokestacks that jut the ‘skyline’.

The hillside has been thoroughly utilised. First from mining, before being hollowed out and used as city space. The entirety of the lowest level houses the train station.

Xernon is a fortnight’s travel north-east from Stoatesvale


  • Thieves’ Guildhall. An underground domed area which doubles as the centre of the black market trade. Claiming that they double as the merchants’ guild, they focus on the ‘redistribution of gold, goods and services throughout Xernon’. The hall itself has metal grated railing and floors, suspended above a pool of water. The centre ‘fountain’ is like a waterfall with water cascading from the centre of the dome above. Entry into the guildhall uses hidden archways which are access through bricks that the guild members have on their person.
  • Engineers’ Guild. More opulent as of late, the building is situated in the industry district which makes the the stark contrast much more so. Many of the members do not set up business within the halls, only making the journey for meetings with fellow members, using the on-site facilities, or taking new contracts. The opulence is shown through well-cleaned walls, use of colours more aligned with luxury (copper, gold, silver, etc.). This does not hinder the guild’s competence or influence.


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