From humble beginnings lies a truly noble spirit


Snuffle hails from the a mountainous region of northwest Esseand, in the valley of Swineland. The valley is a basin to the fabled pigs of Swineland, who were blessed by the pig deities. By divine right Snuffle was appointed Lord, and protector of the holy pigs. Snuffle raised the pigs as his own children, treating them as equals. Life in Swineland was peaceful, and people flocked to the valley, until the greed of humanoids seeped into Swineland. It was not until after a laborious day of farming that he noticed a funnel of smoke from the nearby village of Truffles. With hast Snuffle discovered a trail of corpses leading to his Farm. The corpses were covered in a mix of burns, gun shoots, and cuts. When Snuffle rushed home his pure-hearted friends were not to be seen, blood stains riddled the ground. Snuffle fell to the ground dropping his pitchfork and uttering “Butchered”, he reminisced of his little friends looking up at him smiling, and waiting for him to come home. As the tears rolled down his face, his heart become infested with rage, lifted his head up and screeched. Grabbing his pitchfork, Snuffle set out to discover the fate of friends, and bring justice to those who have done wrong.

“Lord of pigs, Swine of swine, Leader of the Boar Riders, Hunter of Butchers. His tuskiness…”

- Darius Myth

“I’m sorry… but if it comes down to it, I will have to protect the pigs.”

- Snuffle


A humble pig farmer who once lived a simple life, until tragedy stuck. Now searches to lands of Tieranne for the ones he has lost, and to avenge those that were taken before their time.


Tieranne Brendeano