Pronunciation: val-lind
Demonym: Vallinese

Vallinde (along with Esseand) are the largest two continents of Tieranne. And like Esseand, the size has created a north-south mentality that gradients the culture across the region. The variety of distinct cultures can make generalising Vallinde difficult, since each settlement (from humble farmlands to sprawling city) takes on qualities adapted from the region than whatever culture is common across the continent.

The ‘north-south’ mentality occurs during the more extreme seasons. The southern areas still having a persistent chill while the north gets quite subtropical during the summer. The cold intensifies during the winter, covering the continent in a deep cold. As one travels further south the cultural adaptations made include the thinking of the people. Expect south Vallinese to be more reserved in nature, but very cooperative in a crisis.

Since Vallinde lacks the extreme terrain of Esseand, the gradient of cultures across Vallinde is easier to notice due to the overall lack of isolated settlements. Diverse, wild areas still exist in Vallinde but similarities can be found between the villages that dot the continent.

Due to developments from Esseand, Vallinde had the beginnings of a train network in order to make travel and trade easier for the region. At the moment the train network only encompasses the largest cities, such as Xernon, with tracks travelling for days before reaching the next stop.


  • Lycanis, a small town that is locally known for favouring werewolves
  • Stoatesvale, ‘designated’ mid-tier city. Unassuming for its size
  • Umrennas, an elven garden ruled by Shalev’s ex-husband
  • Xernon, one of the larger sized cities that is linked to the train network
  • Flaso, another large city which boasts both a train stop and a vibrant port.


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