Pronunciation: St-oates-vael

Continent: Vallinde

A mid-sized city in geographical heart of Vallinde, the city is far from any ocean-sized body of water, but a few streams and lakes are located nearby.

Elliptical in shape, the affluent areas are towards the western part of the region with the Lord of the City residing near the western wall. As the city drags out towards the eastern portion of the city, the area becomes more slum-like as the citizens reach further towards poverty.

The tower that is the guard barracks stand tall in the centre of the city, the best spot overlook the bad and the good that runs through the city streets.

Beneath the city runs the Thieves’ Road, a network of undercity pathways that branch throughout the city. The main pathway of the Thieves’ Road is the Highway, the most used (mostly) straight path that runs directly through the horizontal centre of the city. The Thieves’ Guild, along with more connected groups and organisations, are known to have access to the Road using it for their own purposes.

The areas outside the city are still within the city’s administration, mainly a collection of small villages and idyllic hamlets.

Notable locals:


Tieranne Bellimancer