Archsage and god of research and discovery

Pronunciation: or-th-oon

One of the two main knowledge gods in the Tieranne pantheon (the other being his rival/nemesis Nys) Orthun oversees the discovery of new knowledge, helping those who are close to breakthroughs and various ‘eureka’ moments. Flashes of inspiration being attributed to Orthun are not uncommon. Orthun is depicted as male, but his race varies depending on the region where his worship takes place; elves would have him elegantly dressed in long hair and robes, while halflings would have the Archsage in simple attire but eyes of wonder, for example.

Temples of Orthun are often confused with libraries, especially to those unacquainted with his worship. While the shelves are not empty, they are well stocked and researchers hoping to get their name known in scholarly circles place their theses in Orthun’s halls. Donations are encouraged for the service’s maintenance, however.

In his realm knowledge is open, with his divine realm composed of knowledge open to discovery but containing of wonders yet to be discovered. This mirrors the secretive Nys, who harbours the ideal that knowledge is best held to the bear to their benefit. Where he is open to all, her libraries are opened at a price.

“Just because Orthun touts that all knowledge is open, and willingly gives, does not mean that he answers all prayers for answers. Faith in his ideals is a must, and his teachings ask us to find the answer… to the benefit of all.” -Scholar

Excerpt from a book by Meaman “Bearwarrior” Ogolakanu, last Herald of the Archsage


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