Keeper of secrets and holder of forbidden knowledge.

Pronunciation: nis

One of the two main knowledge gods in the Tieranne pantheon (the other being her nemesis Orthun) Nys seeks knowledge from the darkest corners of the universe, holding them away from unworthy minds. She often finds worship amongst those who deal in the trade of uncommon knowledge, such as thieves’ guilds. Nys is depicted as female, cloaked in a dark, fine shroud with tiny motes of light shining out of her eyes – a sign of her divinity.

Like the darkness she often shrouds herself in, Nys’ temples are hidden from the public eye in some fashion. A hovel with a small entrance; a hidden passage a labyrinth within the sewers; or a humble cottage with hidden entrances are some examples of such places her worship is strongest. Those who attend her places of worship are called the Sisterhood (or Brotherhood) of Nys, keen peddlers of knowledge in their own right.

It is said her divine realm is dark, barely lit by small motes of light running throughout the halls – packed with dark knowledge and forbidden tomes best hidden from mortal eyes. This mirrors the well meaning Orthun who shares his discoveries openly to his worshippers. Those who seek what Nys knows must pay a price… often not of mortal gold.

“To take one must share. Knowledge is power, to be traded like any other currency. And much more powerful in the right hands” -Seeker of the Sisterhood of Nys

Common saying: a closed tome holds more value than one open

Memoir excerpt of Ruvec “Blackfeather” Suvolm, last chosen of the Keeper


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