The lifesmith and patroness to the dwarves.

Pronunciation: mis-mere-a

Stubborn, sharp-witted, stern, hearty. There are many descriptors one could use for Mysmera and she imbues a bit of herself in every dwarf – like a divine smith’s mark. Although the dwarves believed that another being passed the races the ability to create fire, it was Mysmera that granted them the gift to craft metal into other shapes. Her creations were sturdy and meant to last, a trait that is reflected in dwarven institutions ranging from education, business and family structures. The desire to closely reflect their patroness creates highly divisive fractures in dwarven society, adhering to orthodox dwarven society or the opposite. There is little middle ground. This division brings either worry, shame or (oddly enough) relief to her believers for it shows creativity and a willingness to explore beyond what is known.

“We call her the lifesmith, but we believe creation is nothing like the Art. It requires a forge’s warmth but, unlike forging steel, small imperfections are encouraged.” -Cleric

Common saying: Forge a legacy that endures lifetimes.

Memoir excerpt of Arla Mountainbrow, last chosen of the Lifesmith


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