Legend of the Turning

In the beginning there was only Man.

His civilisation was so advanced that their technologies spread information quicker than any bird, there was little famine and individuals were able to touch the skies and travel faster than a horse. However, despite these advancements Man was still divided and his thirst for war had not been quenched for so long. War had to eventually break out.

Peace was a desert that had to end, which it did in terrible fashion.

Mountains of bodies formed as no nation held back from slaking its thirst. Every nation drank so deeply. It was told that amongst the atrocities a wish was made by a child grieving the death of her father. Clutching her father’s tome she remembered his stories of heroes and the adventures they had. She wished for the war to end as she did not want anymore children to lose their parents. The earth heard this plea, disgusted at the singular loss of such innocence, and decided to try and grant the wish.

What had followed was remembered as the Turning.

It begun as a violent shake of the earth as cracks appeared across the world followed by a sudden trumpet-like sound, like a herald’s announcement before battle. The ground, the seas and the sky churned as the world started to warp around Man. The earth rejected Man’s influence on it as centuries of Man’s technologies were wiped from existence. A few days had passed and an uneasy silence had fallen across the world. This was short lived as trumpets resumed, the pace increasing, accompanied by countless lights bursting through the ground. Following the lights many begun to change their entire anatomies shifting, rapidly and with much pain. Coming to their senses most did not recognise the people around them. Man may not have understood but for once did not resort to destruction.

The Turning ended and Man was no longer alone, nor was the world what anyone remembered.

“It’s just an old story meant to scare children away from the horrors of war. Is a child even meant to understand war? On top of that the world is always changing around us; war is not a requirement. And is change even that bad?”

Legend of the Turning

Tieranne Bellimancer