Kax z'ak

God of slaughter and the horrors of war.

Pronunciation: K-ahks Zuh-ah-k

It is said that the ‘ Legend of the Turning’ birthed Kax Z’ak into existence, fully formed with a mind full of sadistic thoughts of slaughter and mayhem. However, he does not ride into every war for not all conflict deserves his attention, nor is his presence first felt with the onset of battle. Kaz Z’ak’s name is not often evoked to ensure victory in battle for his blessings consist of excruciating pain and streams of blood. Instead his name often accompanies threats to harm, devoid of honour, swift victory or merciful death. Art often depicts riding upon a broken dragon with unnatural, jagged bone protrusions. Kaz Z’ak’s clerics either reflect their deity with sadistic glee or are tortured souls that wish to help others avoid similar fates.

“Why serve Kax Z’ak? Because tributes must be made to appease him, lest he let loose what cruel thoughts he has onto our world.” -Cleric

Common battle cry: Kax-z’ak! This land will be yours, consecrated by the blood of mortals.

Memoir excerpt of Halette Vetsk, last chosen of God-Sadist

Kax z'ak

Tieranne Bellimancer