Pronunciation: hEl-lOne
Demonym: Hellonians

A common observation of Hellone, especially from a foreigners’ view, is the ‘vertical-ness’ of the continent. This is especially true in the cities where the verticality also digs deep into the earth. It is not known why Hellonian architecture developed in such a way, but there are theories:

  • The simpler traveller may theorise it may serve to show that Hellonians still care about their land, occupying as little as possible
  • Superstitious folk will think it is because the phenomena in the region blocks civilisation from spreading into the primeval, verdant areas.
  • Critical scholars ponder how the imposing towers show the divide between the rich and poor in the cities

Hellone is primarily composed of city-states run by prominent families. This ‘dynastical’ tendency means that city states are less seen as individual holds, but territories whose ownership is dependent on which family has the most influence in the area at the time. The heads of the families are often a council of elders to direct the allegiances the family forges for the continued success of the family name.

Nonetheless, Hellonians stereotypically see themselves as more advanced than those of other continents using their advanced building engineering techniques and sophisticated institutions as proof.


  • Vezzoquala, an underground city bathed in magic and blue-green light.
  • Aramore, seat of the House Excavit
  • Beckton
  • Halfast
  • Streim, one of the coastal areas held by the House Sigilus (Elder Meteo, in particular)


Tieranne Bellimancer