Solemn patron of orckind.

Pronunciation: gru-mou-Ah-sh

Unlike most fantasy settings Grumu’ash only has a difference of opinion to Levallahon. Generally bored of his immortality, but understands his role as a deity. His view is that life is full of experiences, and a long life only makes one content with no drive to experience them. Thus a shorter, mortal life gives one’s life meaning, the necessary drive to experience all life has to offer. Thus is the ‘gift’ given to the orcs: a mortal life shorter than most races. Unlike other patron deities, Grumu’ash is almost universally hated by his created, and it is sometimes believed that Grumu’ash has more non-orc followers than ones of his own creation. This hate is so deep that many orcs curse Grumu’ash – even on their deathbed – because of their gift. However, not all is lost since there are still orcs (or half-orcs) who revere their patron, despite the few in number.

“It is unfortunate; Grumu’ash has the right intention, backed with great wisdom, but did not pass on that wisdom to his creations” -Cleric

Common saying: Live in the moment, such that each breath may be your last.

Memoir excerpt of Bromgi Jenalm, last enlightened of the Solemn One


Tieranne Bellimancer