Gameplay Changes

Bows changed.

  • Negative strength modifier applies penalty to damage.
  • If a feat that modifies the use of bows (such as Crossbow Expert or Sharpshooter) is applied to bows it cannot apply to firearms and vice versa.
  • Differentiates training between bows and firearms.

Non-static/dynamic AC. Amount of AC over 10 is now applied as a bonus.

  • Example: AC 17 (excluding shield) would be a +7 bonus to the roll for defence.
  • Advantage on whether an attack lands or not is given to the attacker in order to stop stalling.
  • If both the attacker and defender roll 1 its a critical attack against each other.
  • If both roll combatants roll a 20, then its a normal hit against the defender.

Increased difficulty of healing.

  • A medical kit is required to heal during a short rest. May not ‘cure’ grievous injuries.
  • Healing from long rest is the same as healing from short rest in standard rules (remember that you still recover half of your hit dice pool at each long rest, which can be used to heal).

Living costs

  • To cover the general expenses of living in civilisation there are living costs, which is just a daily flat amount. It will vary by region.
  • Lifestyle Expenses, p.157, for a general marker on what is available.
  • Expenses paid outside of just living, such as paying for new gear (but not maintaining said gear) will fall outside these expenses.

Gameplay Changes

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