*Goddess of fortune and good luck *

Pronunciation: fOR-tyke

Also known as ‘Lady Luck’ she is favoured by daring adventurers, who in turn are looked at with slight pity by her clerics (but happy to accept donations). Artists are sometimes feel drawn to her, believing that good art of her will attract her favour. Depictions of Fortyc are of a young woman, not overly attractive, but joyful. Sometimes there is giggling. Her clerics are often seen as advocates or ‘enablers’ who smile upon spontaneity, simple courage and exploring the unknown.

“Many seek luck, but it is her smile that the wise truly seek. It leaves a warmth that endures a lifetime” -Cleric

Common saying: She favours the bold, not the foolish.

Memoir excerpt of Hellin, last chosen of the Lady


Tieranne Bellimancer