God of gamblers and misfortunes.

Pronunciation: fawe-n-tAs

Not worshipped by gamblers as much as cursed under breath. Many high-risk establishments have Fauntus bound or warded to signify the restraint of his influence. Despite Fauntus’ many misfortunes Fortyc is often romantically drawn to him. These trysts always end in badly, drawing parallels with mismatched couples. Clerics of Fauntus’ faith are (understandably) not well received with few donations. Their demeanor does not help, ranging between risk-averse to doomsayer.

“Why must be curse Fauntus? Because even the gods must know where they are not welcome” -Wellwisher

Common saying: Be wary, lest Fauntus follows

Memoir excerpt of Ianvalur, last chosen of Fauntus


Tieranne Bellimancer