Pronunciation: Es-sea-and
Demonym: Esseanians

Esseand (along with Vallinde) are the largest two continents of Tieranne. And like Vallinde, the size has created a north-south mentality that gradients the various smaller cultures across the region. Esseand is known for its extreme terrain, which forces the civilised areas towards the coast and other habitable regions. The terrain in addition to the landmass allowed a train network to flourish with heavy investment from across the continent.

Most train tracks in other continents are much more limited: Hellone is only a single railway from a city to a few others; Vallinde only has a fledgling network that only encompasses the largest cities in the continent. The Esseanian network is extensive, reaching from the largest cities (such as Fort Kreapt in the north) to the townships in the south. Only the smallest (or newest) settlements are not linked with the network, but are only a week or two’s travel to a stop.

The ‘north-south’ mentality of Esseanians extends to their general skin colour with the south touching the equator; south Esseanians are darker skinned than folk up north. Overall the Esseanians are known to be hardy and adaptable, excelling in commerce and finding opportunities where others would see a dog of a venture.


  • Fort Kreapt, a city that has completely enveloped a mountain
  • Lunasport, a humble fishing settlement that quickly developed into a vital port city built into the cliff-side.
  • Neva City, a desert city that has characteristics of a large town, and known for its number of old-world ruins.
  • Strilas, a southern coastal city with numerous train tracks out of the city, and as many foot roads.


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