Pronunciation: Ell-On
Demonym: Ellonites

The overall culture of the continent is exotic in comparison to the rest of Tieranne, derived from the isolation of the continent. Despite being the smallest continent in Tieranne, the regions are not very crowded. This is not due to the lack of people, but due to how well Ellonites utilise and harmonise civilisation with nature. The elven influences are quite common with elven realms renaming some cities as ‘gardens’ as a show of respect. So, in a way, Ellon occupies the most land with civilised regions but it doesn’t seem that way to the common vagabond.

Ellonite cities (and gardens) have extremely wide borders, often intersecting with borders of other regions without knowing. The harmonisation with nature can be quite jarring to the observant. Nature is more accessible to the commoner, with wild animals strolling through the city street only being an uncommon sight. However the harmonisation calms the primal wilderness of the outlying areas, explaining the Ellonites shock at how different the sophisticated cities are from the barbaric, wild regions of other continents.

Ellonites are are known to be quite spiritual which complements their bond with nature. This may not always be true, but an understanding of how nature interacts with society is more common here. No, this does not mean that all Ellonites are hippie-nature worshipping fiends, but the spark of druidic magic amongst non-mages is much more common here. Ellonites often find it hard to get away from the stereotyping that people from other regions give them.

Overall, Ellon is… weird to many visitors. From the weaponry, fighting skills, cities and demeanour the isolation has both benefited and alienated the continent to its contemporaries.


  • Faizhi, a large city recently surrounded by bandits and choked of supplies.


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