Goddess of performance, sport and beauty.

Pronunciation: el-la-na

A goddess of the arts, beauty comes into Ellana’s domain not because of her exterior attractiveness but from the appreciation of acts attributed to, or blessed by, her. Sport, competition and theatrical performances require training, honing body and mind. Ellana favours those who walk a path of perfection, relishing in the delight their talents bring to others, yet humble in their demeanor. Not often evoked in battle, it is not uncommon to hear Ellana’s name before duels of fist or weapon. Her clerics are often statuesque and expressive, following the tenets of their deity.

“Ellana is a goddess of perfection. She knows that mortals, even her followers, will not attain such status but appreciates efforts made.” -Bard

Common saying: Praise in the ideal

Memoir excerpt of Ironbrother Malemos Braerzisha, last chosen of the Ideal


Tieranne Bellimancer