Chief embodiment of dragonkind.

Pronunciation: drAh-ko dei

Dragons. Innately magical creatures, and symbols of power and majesty. Draako-Dei, however is not truly the revered progenitor of dragonkind but a symbol of power and a target of aspiration. Draako-dei reminds its followers of what can, and should be. Its will absolute. Its followers are varying grades of ambitious (or power hungry), proud (or egotistical), and just (or tyrannical). The clergy try to embody these traits, touting Draako-dei’s power, and adorned in robes reminiscent of dragon scales and strong, bold lines.

“Behold the power of Draako-dei! In its presence yields equal parts awe and fear, overwhelming.” -Cleric of Draako-dei

Memoir excerpt of Lady Byntrana Virrel, last Exemplar of the Aspect


Tieranne Bellimancer