DM's Letter

Special Thanks

I’d like to thank a few people for feedback. I have found it uncommon to find those who are willing to be a sounding board with criticisms, questions and ideas. I assume many things, and explaining my thoughts helps others see the world I (slowly) build.

  • Billy Jo
  • Sam
  • Sarah
  • Todd
  • Luke
  • ’Panda’
  • Matthew
  • George

To the group who I DM,

You may not be the first who step into this world, but you will be the ones who get to fully experience it as I hope to envision. I hope my passion shines through.

  • Adam
  • Daniel
  • Jasmine
  • Nathaniel
  • Peter
  • Andre
  • Morgan
  • Josh

Your DM (Bryan)

DM's Letter

Tieranne Bellimancer