Deus Primus and Adella

The first humans and deified to join the heavens.

Pronunciation: dei-us pry-mAs; dei-us Ah-del-a

In the Legend of the Turning it is said that, “In the beginning there was only Man.” Whether or not that is to be believed is inconsequential for the clergy of humanity’s progenitors: Primus is the male, and Adella is the female. The true origin of humanity is unknown in a divine sense; where each other race was created by its patron deity, the two Deus just ‘existed’ and their deification happened sometime during their lives.

There are very few tenets passed down the two Deus, but the commonly known ones are:

  • live and let live
  • revere one’s ancestors
  • one must find one’s meaning in life

The lack of doctrine may have contributed to humanity’s wide diversity, and it is not uncommon to see non-humans (secretly) practising worship of the two Deus as their own patrons may be too ‘constrictive’.

“Like proud mother and stern father, Adella and Primus watch us from the heavens. While it may be hard to find acceptance I take pleasure in knowing that I am free to find my place in the world” -half-elf

Memoir excerpt of Geraldine Stansfield, last chosen of the Deus

Deus Primus and Adella

Tieranne Bellimancer