God of the hearth and the harvest.

Pronunciation: kear-we-lahn

Very commonly worshipped among the halflings, Cirwylan’s tenets espouse the joys of a simple life, settling down and living off one’s means. This does not mean complacency, but to avoid envy and appreciate the things one holds dear. A common theme in Cirwylan’s tenets is sustainability of the land, and making sure items are crafted to last. His temples are often well constructed, sturdy yet simple and practical. It is not uncommon that donations are made through items of use instead of coinage. Cirwylan’s clerics are often equipped in simple, but well made, gear with very little ‘frills’ and possess a disdain for opulence.

“Home may be where the heart is, but that does not mean it is without comforts.” -Cleric

Common saying: A good harvest does not make the land barren

Memoir excerpt of Quinnad Meadowheart, last chosen of the Cirwylan


Tieranne Bellimancer