Wrath of the storm.

Pronunciation: chA-ai

Many gods have the power to create or influence storms, but it is Chaa’i’s presence that people look out for with the onset of a storm. For Chaa’i is often wrathful, intensifying simple rain to torrential downpours or devastating floods. Chaa’i’s clerics act as mediators, appealing to their god for or against the populace. This results in clerics of varying personalities, such as a thug who extorts a town for protection to a caring ambassador who redirects Chaa’i’s wrath elsewhere. Chaa’i is genderless but either gender pronoun is applied depending on the speaker.

“Rainfall makes for a good haul, but lets hope she doesn’t hear that” -Fisherman

Memoir excerpt of Iormorn, last True Channeller of the Wrath


Tieranne Bellimancer