Life’s chronicler and reaper of the dead

Pronunciation: baz-yAh

When someone dies one of Basya’s realm collects the deceased’s soul and ushers them to the Chronicler’s realm. The realm of Basya is a library of inconceivable size, where millions of dead walk into in order to see the tomes that Basya collects of their lives. Every life is recorded, read out to the one it refers to before finally being shelved in the innumerable shelves of her library. The Chronicler does not pass judgment on those that pass, only to exist as a mirror to help the deceased reflect on their lives. Once a tome is read out and shelved the deceased are guided out of the library and passes onto the Great Beyond. However, she does choose to personally read certain tomes for their lives are said to be a truly interesting read.

“Everyone knows that Basya exists for everyone – from the humble farmhand to the most powerful conqueror – meets her before the Great Beyond. All we can wish is that our life is interesting enough for her to read aloud.” -Cleric

Common saying: May she write you a good story

Memoir excerpt of Hastoick Amberbrew, last chosen of the Chronicler


Tieranne Bellimancer