God of competition, victory, and commerce.

Pronunciation: kAs-saht

A new faith that has sprung up amongst larger cities, including Fort Kreapt. The clergy claim that Qassat presides over the domains of competition, ambition and victory; a very helpful god for a mercantile megapolis. Protection is also under the portfolio of the god as protection is provided to those who are victorious.

Possessing a small clergy their presence is often smaller than the more established (and respected) faiths, with other acolytes unsure whether Qassat’s faith is a cult of a false god, or a truly new development in the heavenly planes. The small faith tithes (and accepts donations) like any other, but is currently restricted to loaned buildings such as commercial warehouses or rented buildings.

“Qassat is He who revels in the joy of rivalry and the precipice of victory. He teaches us that it is not merely enough to only win, but to also enjoy the moment of reaching it. But a close victory is not enough, because a true victory is decisive and without question. Remember this.” -Evangelist

“For Qassat, the Driven. The Divine Rival. Glory be unto him!” -Recruit of the Templars of Steel


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