Tag: Vallinde


  • Lycanis

    Pronunciation: lie-kAh-nis Continent: [[Vallinde | Vallinde]] named after a town hero who was a werewolf town since holds werewolves in high regard, even offering aid/training for young/newly bitten

  • Stoatesvale

    Pronunciation: St-oates-vael Continent: [[Vallinde | Vallinde]] A mid-sized city in geographical heart of Vallinde, the city is far from any ocean-sized body of water, but a few streams and lakes are located nearby. Elliptical in shape, the …

  • Xernon

    Pronunciation: zur-nin Continent: [[Vallinde | Vallinde]] A large, heavily industrial city on the side of a hill Xernon has its roots in mining with administrative (and economic) access to the surrounding mines to this day. The city is walled, but …

  • Shalev Lunorin

    h2. Personality Traits The best way to get me to do something is to tell me that I can't do it h2. Ideals Greed. I will do whatever it takes to get wealthy h2. Bonds I will become the greatest thief that ever lived h2. Flaws When I …