Aftermath of the Raid event.


  • Talked with Zaria Excavit, head of Zaria industries.
  • Selling of plans (by Roy) for 1500gp
  • Rollout of new coinage by the banking guild
  • Engineers guild very busy. Almost all of the their workshops in use. Loud noise heard
  • Plans by Thokk pitched.
  • Sir Garrikston praised Roy for his courage. Plans to gather resources and the might of the Ordained Orphans to stand against the dwarf.
  • Coinage (newly minted) distributed (10,967gp 4sp 3cp)
  • Cognitionys got a magic scroll, yet to be identified. (Holy Sword)
  • Shalev sold her tea to an elven merchant near Zaria’s tower. Give her last one as a gift to Zaria.


  • Roy started his own firm based in Fort Kreapt. A rent to own arrangement for a year (15gp per week) and five percent ownership of Roy’s business earning. Deal made with Rongrim of Anvilwarp Industries. Roy, along with Moredi, brought the building off Rongrim.
  • Roy also started an account with the Stallworth Family Bank, affiliated with the Banking Guild. Started the account with 2,000gp.
  • Cog purchased a 40 percent share of a small, local inn in the third district. Spent 2,000gp and also negotiated with “the network” for ownership of the neighbouring building for the inn’s expansion in return for employment.
Red Dragon Raid Event
Organised by the Coins division of the Order of the Alms

6 groups of at least five with a couple of smaller groups for unknown reason.

Payment per group: 1000gp + share of dragon hoard + 25% increase in share of hoard (paid by Zaria).

Most melee combatants died, which included ‘silly’ warrior with flaming sword.

Dragon was banished for a short while by Vostek Drakebreaker.

Dragon was finally slain by Moredi.

Roy Redhardt was at Basya’s doorstep a few times.

Fight was turned around when Meifeng shot a well placed arrow to trip the dragon.

Fort Kreapt and before

‘Failed’ attacking Karston’s fortress in cragside. Entered through secret entrance with local militia leading to kitchen. Escaped using move earth spell, but failed to clear the area. Most allies died. ‘Kill zone’ in feast hall proved too much

Paid for passage on a boat to Hellone. The city of Streim housed one of the elders of House Sigilus, Mateo who was a disgusting, elderly man. Used poison from a passing contact on Mateo before leaving the city.

Halfast was a thin spire-like city that housed the wealthy near its peak. Met and paid for interesting information from an information broker there.

Aramore is the only city-state in Hellone which the House Excavit holds in its ancestral continent. Met with Invintus, who commands a War mage unit. Provided a few ‘quests’ in return for services/favours in return.

Travelled to an Elven Garden in hopes of convincing the local Lady to not invoke the Right of Grand Arboretum. Met with her advisor instead. Was told to perform deeds to ‘make your words have weight’. Cleared (mithral) mine of rust monsters and cleared the Bulette infestation in a nearby village. Took mithral ore as loot. Met with an orc with a flaming sword. Travelled back to meet with the Lady. Unknown result.

Met with member of Ordained Orphans while travelling. Got sealed scroll and told to pass it on to Commander of the Ordained Orphans. Opened and read scroll anyway. It was a military report of events. Re-sealed.

Travelled onward to Beckton

  • met with Hector, a minotaur knight
  • Sariel was arrested for fraud using his magic
  • found assassin, and arrested her. Shalev loosened restraints in return for favour.
  • Used teleportation circle to travel to Fort Kreapt

In Fort Kreapt took a couple of small jobs, one which involved going underground and scouting an area and plotting information on a map. Walked up to entrance of Mind Flayer colony. Survived. The a large red dragon attacked the megalopolis.

Talks of Genocide with Guests from an Elven Garden
...While spiking the drinks with spirits and drugs

Managed to get information about a secret entrance into Karston’s bandit fortress. Seeing the odds as too great the party left hoping the information is worth something in return. Delivering the corpses and the two living bandits to Faizhi authorities the group went to clean up some loose ends.

A over-active merchant was met while travelling to the city, who sold Darius a bottle of dwarven spirits, influenced by orcish methods. He indicated there was little supply of valuable goods in Faizhi and he was going to meet that demand.

The jeweller’s granddaughter ran off with a traveller who swept her off her feet.

Tihiro’s cloak was collected, hood and all.

Sariel found a library in the town hall, of which there were some textbooks on magic. Deceiving the librarian to give the book to him, Sariel obtained ‘A Beginner to Intermediate Students Guide to the Manipulation of Physical Objects, Volume 2’. It had transmutation spells to copy (expeditious retreat, feather fall, magic weapon, earthbind, and transmute rock)

Sold the excess items to a merchant for potions of healing, while tracking down to over-active merchant to take hold gold. Little was left as the horse rode itself onward. The merchant was high on ‘Owlsroot’, of which the man held 10 vials of the powder. Darius and Shalev took the vials and left the man to move on.

Half the party attended a fancy party while there was a festival on, which signalled the end of a season. Elven royal delegates were in attendance. The head of delegation said she was the wife of the Lord, which in human terms makes her a ‘lady’, but is not technically correct. Stated that the balance of human-elven land border inclusivity was in possible jeopardy from Hellonian pressure. She is confident of an elven victory stating,

“We live so much longer then them. Short-lived folk, the humans are. So much more experience. I believe if a war were to break out due to border exclusivity there will be a… genocide. And not for us.”

Her handmaiden is a junkie for owlsroot, and was willing to help spike the drinks of the elven delegation for a flask. She replaced the wine with the spirits and some owlsroot. Soon much of the party was drugged.

Tihiro went to track down a fellow adventurer who knew about guns in town. Was not staying at an inn, but short term renting a building in the city centre.

Rise of the Pig Lord: the Swine Within
Events covering 23 Feb to 23 March

A new adventure starts with in a small Ellonite town of Shaan where our adventurers answer a call of a local farmer in distress. He clears manure from the surrounding farms and turns them into a product he dubs ‘potent fertiliser’. Observing the large barn house there was a large impact as though made by a very large being. The house was in shambles with a chest of coins and gems, an heirloom staff, and an old book missing.

The farmer’s wife (Margo) was quite the hypochondriac, which Meidian quickly picked up on. She asked for the staff to be destroyed and the book not returned.

Tracks led into a forest where the party travelled for a few days. Giant rabbit was hunted. Encountered a kobold ambush which led to a kobold nest where they were met with two dragonborn: a lady of noble inclination, and a male of more… simple mind. A duel of single combat was done for the chieftainship of the tribe, of which Snuffle had closely won. Negotiating for her life and to walk away, the female left.

Kobolds were trained to not kill pigs, and to train them. They also brought a giant rabbit in. A lesson well-learnt the party left the kobold tribe to their own devices. The party also found a rock which rung a strange sound when stuck via certain methods.

The chest was returned, with its contents given back as a reward if the male dragonborn was brought to justice. The staff, which barely hummed with life, was kept. The book was a curiosity of a language which the party did not understand, and was also kept. Of what little could be gleaned the book detailed farming techniques.

The party moved for almost a week to the city of Faizhi where they encountered a job of taking out bandits who were surrounding the town, choking it of supplies. Defeating one of them (the leader bearing a gun), the group subdued two of the bandits.

Sariel, Meidian, and Darius scouted forward. Going off the beaten path the group found a small track where caravans were hidden. Pressing forward they encountered a large bandit camp at a clearing made by cutting down a large swath of trees. Using stealth the party managed to get them to flee, but were eventually noticed. Moving onward the party found the bandit ‘fortress’, whose gates were funnelling in the numerous camp members. Using magic the group managed to send the guards into disarray. Seeing nothing else to do the party left

Checking the bandit camp for supplies. They found a large bear at the edge of their vision. Circling their way around slowly the three prepared for the worst. However, realisation struck Sariel and was awestruck. In their midst was a divine being: Ursarex. Giving up the druid staff it was planted, and the nearby area reeked of potent fertiliser. In the morning the grass had grown quickly, and the bear was gone.

Events as 9 September 2016
Events occuring upon entering Flasso

The party reached Flasso, another large sized city that is blessed with a train stop within the continent of Vallinde. It is a seaside city with a shipping port – a way to reach Esseand before heading to Strilas.

A ragged, yet martially trained messenger met the party to give Gimble a message. An acquaintance was calling in the task for the musket to slay a dragon a few weeks travel into a forest from the city. The messenger seemed socially uncomfortable, despite the small size of the group.

The local thieves guild was quite different to either the Stoatesvale and Xernon counterparts, having a much more aggressive and murderous feel to them. Meeting the second in command, who was quite friendly unless truly provoked in a violent manner, an arrangement was made to have the guild go underground via the fake death of their leader.

A tiefling paladin of Sulsin visited town. Her presence was felt blocks away.

The train north (Gimble's Perspective)
Riding in style

The party after completing their business in Xernon decide to catch a train north to be able to catch a boat to the content of Esseand. We bought our tickets, which turned out to be common tickets, and boarded the train. Aboard the train we found our cabin and settled in. We decided that we needed some food so Lanfear used her “suggestion” to make one of the servants bring us enough food for 15 people! Nice! Turns out the food is just basic rations. Not so nice! We thought, maybe we can use the same “suggestion” to upgrade to noble class. It was a success, we were given noble tickets and shown to the noble carriage. We bought some alcoholic beverages (I got a dwarven ale) and went to our cabin. I started on my drink and don’t really remember much after that until I awoke.

During my time on the train I was working on my design for the multi-round firing rifle. We arrived at Flaso several days later. The main thing that stood out to me was the different ships that could be seen in the bay of Flaso.

Global events (23 June 2016)
Events occuring the 20 days before the session

Events over the past 20 days:

  • Invintus Excavit has, from some encouragement from his family, started training as a war mage in the ‘Vizatha Military Academy of Arcanists’. He has promise, and is expected that he will be accepted into one of the houses.
  • Ships have started leaving the ports of eastern Esseand for the new world. Many other nations across Tieranne are following suit.
  • House Sigilus (with some support) has been openly making paths to ‘uplift’ the Ellonites and show them the benefits of Hellonian culture.
  • Esseanian enterprises (but not Zaria) have been in talks with Ellonite enterprises for a train system.
  • Vallinese duchies, dominions and city states have been politically tense. Mostly disagreements on land borders.
  • A several elven garden lords have died over the past couple of weeks. Most elven nations are mourning as a sign of respect.
  • The Xernon thieves’ guild has a few interesting shipments over the past week (the week before training finished). Bit too expensive though.
  • Word is spreading in the upper class that Fort Kreapt may soon be depleted, and people are worrying about their investments in the region.
Adventure Notes: 02-June-2016
Notes on what has happened so far

Gimble shot one of the eight robed dragonborn who were carrying a half-orc from his home.

Shalev and Novus scouted ahead to see where the dragonborn were heading to. Found themselves at a set of train tracks.

The drgonborn used a torch to slow (!) time to enable them to get on board a freight train.

Shalev and Novus just hopped on the last carriage. It was a nobles’ passenger carriage. The use of such a carriage on a primarily freight train is a human thing. Most other races either have freight or passenger, not both. The use of a ‘terminal passenger’ carriage is meant for nobles who need rapid transport with little notice.

The train was from an enterprise owned by one of Novus’ Esseanian cousins, Zaria Excavit. Her logo is on the train, and the family sigil on a couple of the carriages.

Dragonborn were bleeding the half-orc into a jar. Blood seems to be of use to them, but the half-orc claims that, “it is not in his blood”.

A couple of the dragonborn seemed to notice the two sneaking about. Didn’t mind their presence.

The conductor was in the front carriage – his office. Was paid extra (45 PP) for let any non-paying passengers on-board. Tried to defend for them by claiming that he would deal with them through authority, but failed.

The next stop was Xernon.

Gimble’s workshop was looted, but the fire was more focused towards certain areas (i.e. not everything was burned down). Designs were taken, and his safe was taken from underneath (!).

Trip back to the thieves road to meet with Lanfear’s contact for any information on what has happened. The contact was trying to ask an information dealer out but failing.

Money was paid to the dealer and she mentioned that it was unusual that a guild member (Gimble) seemed intelligent but didn’t see it happening. Circle of Basul and reluctantly Orthonys were given as clues.

Orthonys’ influence is better seen in larger cities with the tagline, “guiding you to a technological renaissance”.

The trip back was fours days for Shalev and Novus. The leads both led to Xernon and the group decided to hire a carriage there.

Travel was two weeks, passing one of the hidden roads to an elven garden and a night encounter with a couple of owlbears.

Once the party entered Xernon, party members split up to try and acquaint themselves… and get some training in. Used the front gate or inn as a meeting spot.

The Stoatsvale Fire
A recount of events from Gimble's perspective

My Grandfather passed the workshop down to me, just as his grandfather passed the workshop down to him. We have been in Stoatsvale for four generations. My great-great grandfather came here (though I do not remember where from) over 200 years ago to share the great engineering creations of our people with the people of this town. Ever since I was a child I loved to listen to stories about many different kinds of amazing engineering mechanisms and machines that existed before the Turning. I have always dreamed of restoring some of that technology to to the world which we live in now, until my workshop was destroyed by red dragons.

I was working on trying to solve the problem of automatic gun reloading (which before the turning was known as semi-automatic gun). Solving this problem would have meant a huge payout from the Engineering Guild. The sky outside turned red, which wasn’t too strange and unexpected for a city where people commonly practiced their magic. I knew something was wrong when I heard people screaming and the town warning bell ringing. I grabbed my pack and gun (which I always keep read just as my father taught me) and ran out of my workshop to find shelter. Just as I escaped a red dragon swooped down and burned the living sparks out of my workshop building. As I was running I was grabbed by a shady, though friendly person, who said “Lets get out of here”. That person was Lanfear as I found out later.

As we ran we bumped into a tall blue lady, and another shady looking lady with red daggers. They introduced themselves as Nerissa and Shalev. Shalev said she knew a way out of the city below the street level. We jumped down into the drain and before we knew it we were on what is known as the thieves road. Much to my overwhelming joy I found Novus my friend, but he was not himself. I suspect that he saw something terrible. I told him to write down what he saw in hopes that it would help him to come to terms with what has happened to him. He claims to not remember anything during this time. We made our way out of the burning city on the thieves road and found ourselves at a near by village. Novus was burnt all over and was hanging by a thread, so we needed to get him some help. We ran up to one of the huts and we were greeted by a Half Orc who recommended a nearby halfling to heal Novus’ burns. We arrived at the halfling’s home and we were treated as royalty. I think the halfling’s god requires him to treat strangers with the highest hospitality. Anyway, the halfling, who was a healer, managed to heal Novus’ burns and he came to. He did not remember anything except that his family was dead, but he did not want to talk about that.

Outside we saw some hooded figures who Novus seemed to recognize approach the hut that we were first at where the half orc lived. They killed his wife before his (and our) eyes and dragged him off.


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