Zaria Excavit

Esseanian pride of the House Excavit.


An Esseanian noblewoman of Hellonian heritage Zaria is the head of a multi-continent spanning conglomerate. She is involved with freight and banking, bolstered by a train network, along with a variety of smaller enterprises. Her entrepreneurial prowess is staggering, and well received by the elders back in Hellone.

Zaria has managed to leverage her position in order to produce multiple marital alliances. She is openly polygamous, but this does not tarnish her reputation. Many families would like their heirs to have Excavit blood running through their veins, for the name bears weight in certain circles. Some even seem to believe that the blood is blessed and produces strong heirs.

Although not all of them are human, those who keep their ear to the ground for news of nobility are watching Zaria’s children closely.

Events of significance:

  • Announcement made at the Coins headquarters in Fort Kreapt after dragon attack on their smelting and mining industry (the former being wiped out). She plans to invest significant resources into the region to rejuvenate both industries and help militarise the Fort to prevent future attacks. As with the Coin’s reward and usual contract fee, she will pay for the fee and increase the surviving parties share of the dragon’s hoard by 25 percent

She’s dead, she just doesn’t see it yet.
- Novus Excavit

I mourn as any family member would upon the Excavit blood being spilt. But the man, my cousin, was after my life for a perceived slight. And for that I say, “good riddance”.
- Zaria

Zaria Excavit

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