The train north (Gimble's Perspective)

Riding in style

The party after completing their business in Xernon decide to catch a train north to be able to catch a boat to the content of Esseand. We bought our tickets, which turned out to be common tickets, and boarded the train. Aboard the train we found our cabin and settled in. We decided that we needed some food so Lanfear used her “suggestion” to make one of the servants bring us enough food for 15 people! Nice! Turns out the food is just basic rations. Not so nice! We thought, maybe we can use the same “suggestion” to upgrade to noble class. It was a success, we were given noble tickets and shown to the noble carriage. We bought some alcoholic beverages (I got a dwarven ale) and went to our cabin. I started on my drink and don’t really remember much after that until I awoke.

During my time on the train I was working on my design for the multi-round firing rifle. We arrived at Flaso several days later. The main thing that stood out to me was the different ships that could be seen in the bay of Flaso.



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