The Stoatsvale Fire

A recount of events from Gimble's perspective

My Grandfather passed the workshop down to me, just as his grandfather passed the workshop down to him. We have been in Stoatsvale for four generations. My great-great grandfather came here (though I do not remember where from) over 200 years ago to share the great engineering creations of our people with the people of this town. Ever since I was a child I loved to listen to stories about many different kinds of amazing engineering mechanisms and machines that existed before the Turning. I have always dreamed of restoring some of that technology to to the world which we live in now, until my workshop was destroyed by red dragons.

I was working on trying to solve the problem of automatic gun reloading (which before the turning was known as semi-automatic gun). Solving this problem would have meant a huge payout from the Engineering Guild. The sky outside turned red, which wasn’t too strange and unexpected for a city where people commonly practiced their magic. I knew something was wrong when I heard people screaming and the town warning bell ringing. I grabbed my pack and gun (which I always keep read just as my father taught me) and ran out of my workshop to find shelter. Just as I escaped a red dragon swooped down and burned the living sparks out of my workshop building. As I was running I was grabbed by a shady, though friendly person, who said “Lets get out of here”. That person was Lanfear as I found out later.

As we ran we bumped into a tall blue lady, and another shady looking lady with red daggers. They introduced themselves as Nerissa and Shalev. Shalev said she knew a way out of the city below the street level. We jumped down into the drain and before we knew it we were on what is known as the thieves road. Much to my overwhelming joy I found Novus my friend, but he was not himself. I suspect that he saw something terrible. I told him to write down what he saw in hopes that it would help him to come to terms with what has happened to him. He claims to not remember anything during this time. We made our way out of the burning city on the thieves road and found ourselves at a near by village. Novus was burnt all over and was hanging by a thread, so we needed to get him some help. We ran up to one of the huts and we were greeted by a Half Orc who recommended a nearby halfling to heal Novus’ burns. We arrived at the halfling’s home and we were treated as royalty. I think the halfling’s god requires him to treat strangers with the highest hospitality. Anyway, the halfling, who was a healer, managed to heal Novus’ burns and he came to. He did not remember anything except that his family was dead, but he did not want to talk about that.

Outside we saw some hooded figures who Novus seemed to recognize approach the hut that we were first at where the half orc lived. They killed his wife before his (and our) eyes and dragged him off.



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