The Decimation of Stoatsvale

Gimble made me write this...

Gimble told me that I should record the events of that day. While I don’t see the point in recounting the events, they replay in my mind over and over anyway. It was a time of festival in Stoatsvale and this meant crime was in full swing.

I waited for the message from the watch commander to come in which of course it did. Upon arrival at the watchtower, I was immediately beset by the commander. A dull conversation as always but it would turn out to be my last with him. I noticed during his explanation that the sky had changed red.

My mind reeled, removing all the possible reasons until one terrible truth was in my mind. A bonfire was coming. I left upon this realisation, and moved as fast as possible to the noble district. Where my family had residence. Halfway home the town realised what I had already deduced, this meant a mass panic ran rampant in the streets. The dragons burned the walls of the city, Stoatsvale was wreathed in flame.

I was about to reach my family home when an ancient red Dragon flew over my head, clawed an opening in the side of my home and burned my world. Emotions overtook me as I rushed inside. Running up the stairs I saw the charred remains of my family, lying in horror as they burned.

I wouldn’t let my family be desecrated any further. I picked up the corpses of my family and rushed down the the stairs with them burning in my arms. I dropped them in the streets outside our burning home, looking at the contorted faces posed in anguish I blacked out.

When I awoke I was in a strange house outside the city. Apparently I had led a company of people to this place for me to get medical care. I was lucky enough to be in this halflings care, my burns have healed although the scars remain.

Looking out the window I saw a familiar band of men going towards a house across the street. I recalled who they were once they reached the door. This group were in the city while it burned, I must have only just saw them on my sprint. They are connected somehow. I left to see what they were doing.

I exited the door to see them break down the door of the house they were outside. Then I watched as they killed a human woman who I can only assume was the wife of the half orc because of the rage he flew into afterwards.

He knocked down probably two of the men before they got the better of him. They didn’t kill the half orc, unusual but what was even more so was the fact that the men dragged the half orc with them.

All the people I knew in Stoatsvale: Family, Friends, Citizens, Criminals. They are all gone. All that’s left is the party of people I am with. My world has been shattered. The people who brought this destruction will be brought to justice by my hands. I will not rest, I will not falter, I will not fail. We will stop those who brought the decimation of Stoatsvale.



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