Talks of Genocide with Guests from an Elven Garden

...While spiking the drinks with spirits and drugs

Managed to get information about a secret entrance into Karston’s bandit fortress. Seeing the odds as too great the party left hoping the information is worth something in return. Delivering the corpses and the two living bandits to Faizhi authorities the group went to clean up some loose ends.

A over-active merchant was met while travelling to the city, who sold Darius a bottle of dwarven spirits, influenced by orcish methods. He indicated there was little supply of valuable goods in Faizhi and he was going to meet that demand.

The jeweller’s granddaughter ran off with a traveller who swept her off her feet.

Tihiro’s cloak was collected, hood and all.

Sariel found a library in the town hall, of which there were some textbooks on magic. Deceiving the librarian to give the book to him, Sariel obtained ‘A Beginner to Intermediate Students Guide to the Manipulation of Physical Objects, Volume 2’. It had transmutation spells to copy (expeditious retreat, feather fall, magic weapon, earthbind, and transmute rock)

Sold the excess items to a merchant for potions of healing, while tracking down to over-active merchant to take hold gold. Little was left as the horse rode itself onward. The merchant was high on ‘Owlsroot’, of which the man held 10 vials of the powder. Darius and Shalev took the vials and left the man to move on.

Half the party attended a fancy party while there was a festival on, which signalled the end of a season. Elven royal delegates were in attendance. The head of delegation said she was the wife of the Lord, which in human terms makes her a ‘lady’, but is not technically correct. Stated that the balance of human-elven land border inclusivity was in possible jeopardy from Hellonian pressure. She is confident of an elven victory stating,

“We live so much longer then them. Short-lived folk, the humans are. So much more experience. I believe if a war were to break out due to border exclusivity there will be a… genocide. And not for us.”

Her handmaiden is a junkie for owlsroot, and was willing to help spike the drinks of the elven delegation for a flask. She replaced the wine with the spirits and some owlsroot. Soon much of the party was drugged.

Tihiro went to track down a fellow adventurer who knew about guns in town. Was not staying at an inn, but short term renting a building in the city centre.



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