Rise of the Pig Lord: the Swine Within

Events covering 23 Feb to 23 March

A new adventure starts with in a small Ellonite town of Shaan where our adventurers answer a call of a local farmer in distress. He clears manure from the surrounding farms and turns them into a product he dubs ‘potent fertiliser’. Observing the large barn house there was a large impact as though made by a very large being. The house was in shambles with a chest of coins and gems, an heirloom staff, and an old book missing.

The farmer’s wife (Margo) was quite the hypochondriac, which Meidian quickly picked up on. She asked for the staff to be destroyed and the book not returned.

Tracks led into a forest where the party travelled for a few days. Giant rabbit was hunted. Encountered a kobold ambush which led to a kobold nest where they were met with two dragonborn: a lady of noble inclination, and a male of more… simple mind. A duel of single combat was done for the chieftainship of the tribe, of which Snuffle had closely won. Negotiating for her life and to walk away, the female left.

Kobolds were trained to not kill pigs, and to train them. They also brought a giant rabbit in. A lesson well-learnt the party left the kobold tribe to their own devices. The party also found a rock which rung a strange sound when stuck via certain methods.

The chest was returned, with its contents given back as a reward if the male dragonborn was brought to justice. The staff, which barely hummed with life, was kept. The book was a curiosity of a language which the party did not understand, and was also kept. Of what little could be gleaned the book detailed farming techniques.

The party moved for almost a week to the city of Faizhi where they encountered a job of taking out bandits who were surrounding the town, choking it of supplies. Defeating one of them (the leader bearing a gun), the group subdued two of the bandits.

Sariel, Meidian, and Darius scouted forward. Going off the beaten path the group found a small track where caravans were hidden. Pressing forward they encountered a large bandit camp at a clearing made by cutting down a large swath of trees. Using stealth the party managed to get them to flee, but were eventually noticed. Moving onward the party found the bandit ‘fortress’, whose gates were funnelling in the numerous camp members. Using magic the group managed to send the guards into disarray. Seeing nothing else to do the party left

Checking the bandit camp for supplies. They found a large bear at the edge of their vision. Circling their way around slowly the three prepared for the worst. However, realisation struck Sariel and was awestruck. In their midst was a divine being: Ursarex. Giving up the druid staff it was planted, and the nearby area reeked of potent fertiliser. In the morning the grass had grown quickly, and the bear was gone.



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