Global events (23 June 2016)

Events occuring the 20 days before the session

Events over the past 20 days:

  • Invintus Excavit has, from some encouragement from his family, started training as a war mage in the ‘Vizatha Military Academy of Arcanists’. He has promise, and is expected that he will be accepted into one of the houses.
  • Ships have started leaving the ports of eastern Esseand for the new world. Many other nations across Tieranne are following suit.
  • House Sigilus (with some support) has been openly making paths to ‘uplift’ the Ellonites and show them the benefits of Hellonian culture.
  • Esseanian enterprises (but not Zaria) have been in talks with Ellonite enterprises for a train system.
  • Vallinese duchies, dominions and city states have been politically tense. Mostly disagreements on land borders.
  • A several elven garden lords have died over the past couple of weeks. Most elven nations are mourning as a sign of respect.
  • The Xernon thieves’ guild has a few interesting shipments over the past week (the week before training finished). Bit too expensive though.
  • Word is spreading in the upper class that Fort Kreapt may soon be depleted, and people are worrying about their investments in the region.



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