Events as 9 September 2016

Events occuring upon entering Flasso

The party reached Flasso, another large sized city that is blessed with a train stop within the continent of Vallinde. It is a seaside city with a shipping port – a way to reach Esseand before heading to Strilas.

A ragged, yet martially trained messenger met the party to give Gimble a message. An acquaintance was calling in the task for the musket to slay a dragon a few weeks travel into a forest from the city. The messenger seemed socially uncomfortable, despite the small size of the group.

The local thieves guild was quite different to either the Stoatesvale and Xernon counterparts, having a much more aggressive and murderous feel to them. Meeting the second in command, who was quite friendly unless truly provoked in a violent manner, an arrangement was made to have the guild go underground via the fake death of their leader.

A tiefling paladin of Sulsin visited town. Her presence was felt blocks away.



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