Adventure Notes: 02-June-2016

Notes on what has happened so far

Gimble shot one of the eight robed dragonborn who were carrying a half-orc from his home.

Shalev and Novus scouted ahead to see where the dragonborn were heading to. Found themselves at a set of train tracks.

The drgonborn used a torch to slow (!) time to enable them to get on board a freight train.

Shalev and Novus just hopped on the last carriage. It was a nobles’ passenger carriage. The use of such a carriage on a primarily freight train is a human thing. Most other races either have freight or passenger, not both. The use of a ‘terminal passenger’ carriage is meant for nobles who need rapid transport with little notice.

The train was from an enterprise owned by one of Novus’ Esseanian cousins, Zaria Excavit. Her logo is on the train, and the family sigil on a couple of the carriages.

Dragonborn were bleeding the half-orc into a jar. Blood seems to be of use to them, but the half-orc claims that, “it is not in his blood”.

A couple of the dragonborn seemed to notice the two sneaking about. Didn’t mind their presence.

The conductor was in the front carriage – his office. Was paid extra (45 PP) for let any non-paying passengers on-board. Tried to defend for them by claiming that he would deal with them through authority, but failed.

The next stop was Xernon.

Gimble’s workshop was looted, but the fire was more focused towards certain areas (i.e. not everything was burned down). Designs were taken, and his safe was taken from underneath (!).

Trip back to the thieves road to meet with Lanfear’s contact for any information on what has happened. The contact was trying to ask an information dealer out but failing.

Money was paid to the dealer and she mentioned that it was unusual that a guild member (Gimble) seemed intelligent but didn’t see it happening. Circle of Basul and reluctantly Orthonys were given as clues.

Orthonys’ influence is better seen in larger cities with the tagline, “guiding you to a technological renaissance”.

The trip back was fours days for Shalev and Novus. The leads both led to Xernon and the group decided to hire a carriage there.

Travel was two weeks, passing one of the hidden roads to an elven garden and a night encounter with a couple of owlbears.

Once the party entered Xernon, party members split up to try and acquaint themselves… and get some training in. Used the front gate or inn as a meeting spot.



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