Welcome to Tieranne, a massive world where opportunity is abound with discovery and adventure. There are some changes made to both character creation and during play.

Tieranne is classed as a high magic setting where the presence of simple magic is extremely abundant, but the number of magic items are even rarer. Even in a world where the general populace has access to Prestidigitation or Druidcraft finding a Wand of Magic Missile becomes even harder. Spells that use spell slots require a lot of either training and/or natural talent. Usage brings amount equal parts suspicion and awe.

Technology exists akin to a Victorian era level, but lags behind magic. This is due to magic making some technology obsolete until use was required by those who have little talent in the magical arts. Seemly simple items such as megaphones and matches would have little use due to the ability to cast simple magic.

Campaign Pitch

The world is old, yet ripe for adventure and discovery. Not all history has been recorded, but much has been written. Amongst all this two massive, yet opposing, forces have risen to great prominence plunging the world into chaos – a ‘World War.’

Meanwhile in the much less bloody field of academia advanced scrying has revealed another landmass to the east. Word quickly spreads. Enterprises and scores of would-be and established explorers scurry for the chance to be written into history, immortalised for their deeds.

Every individual has a choice but the world is going to move forward – with or without you.

To my players and those who have helped…